Startup #3: Consulting-Cases – founded 2 years ago, now making 1.000 Dollars a month

How do you build a successful startup? Where do you get your ideas from? How do you find out if a startup works or not? How do you stay motivated after working on a startup for several months?

These were just some of the questions which people asked me via Facebook, Twitter, email or the comments section after my last startup Meet-a-Mom.

I would like to answer these question with one of my existing startups: Consulting-Cases.

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Startup #2: Meet-a-Mom – how I got 30 signups in 12 hours

You want to find a great business idea? Then look for a problem that is so painful that people cobbled together an interim solution.

I have tried this for my second weekly startup and actually found an interim solution for a problem: A lot of mothers post on forums to find other mothers in their neighborhood to do joint activities. Once again: They post it on forums! Come on, that’s like looking for a new partner at Craigslist!

I thought, there must be a better solution for that.

That’s why I started my next weekly startup “Meet-a-Mom”…

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Startup #1: Sharevent – $745 revenue in 14 hours of work

Wouldn’t it be cool to enjoy events with your friends, meet new people and make some money? Do you agree? Yes, me too! Therefore I launched: Sharevent, my first startup for this blog.

My week at a glance: Within 5 days I sold 22 tickets for a wine-tasting event and made $ 745,- in revenue. I built the Sharevent website and talked to 12 shop-owners, whose event I wanted to promote on our new website. 6 of them were interested, but just three took our offer.

At day 4 I presented Sharevent to the world - but did it work?

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What is The Weekly Startup all about?

Have you ever tried to build your own business? Did you fail? Did you notice your failure too late? Welcome to the club!
I have built a lot of startups, and many of them failed (fortunately not all of them). Unfortunately I noticed most of the failures too late, after I spent thousand of dollars. Yeah, that’s painful.

So I asked myself: How can I decrease my failure rate? Or at least: How can I recognize a failing startup earlier?

And that’s why I started this blog: The Weekly Startup.

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